Digital Flashcards

Flashcard Stash allows you to create and customize your own digital flashcards. You can create flashcards with anything. Such as dates for History class, vocabulary for French class, or words for the SAT.


You can easily add images to your flashcards from Wikipedia and Flickr. This is a great feature and opens up a number of valuable learning opportunities such as studying different rock types for science class or learning the countries of the world.

Adaptive Learning

The most efficient time to study something is at the point when you are just about to forget. Flashcard Stash calculates this time for each flashcard using multiple choice and fill in the blank quizzes. The system adapts to your progress and will only quiz you on a flashcard at the optimal time.

Part Dictionary

Flashcard Stash is built on top of a dictionary and contains over 200,000 English words and phrases. This helps when creating vocabulary flashcards by allowing you to select existing definitions. It is also a great way to save words that you look up so you can review them later.

Sentences From Online Articles

Flashcard Stash has gathered sentences from news sources on the internet showing words from the dictionary being used in context. Processing words in context is an integral part of learning vocabulary and Flashcard Stash makes this easy by adding contextual sentences for almost every word.

Game Elements

Sometimes an answer is just at the tip of your tongue, other times, you might not know how to spell a word exactly. The fill in the blank quiz has been designed with a game element to help with these scenarios. Instead of only allowing a right or wrong answer, the game uses a percentage scale. It starts at 100% and allows you to 'purchase' clues such as a letter or seeing the answer in a group of 20 terms. This game element is more engaging and fosters stronger retention.

Flashcard Stash also has an integrated points system that rewards you with points as you learn.


Easily create, copy, and share lists.

Teachers Teachers

Teachers can create classes and share lists of flashcards with their students for periodic review. Examples of flashcard lists being used by teachers include dates for History class, elements from the Periodic Table for Science class, and vocabulary for French class.

Click Here to create a free teacher account.


My name is David Lynam and I am a web developer working in Seattle. I created Flashcard Stash (originally WordStash) in 2009 as a custom dictionary that allowed me to save interesting words (and their definitions) online. Over time, I added features to learn the words that I had saved and people found it useful. Eventually, the site evolved into the learning tool that it is today. It has been a very rewarding process to hear how the site has helped people, and I hope it can be of some help to you as well!


Flashcard Stash is built with love and dedication in Seattle. Any questions, comments, or feedback is greatly appreciated! Feel free to contact us at

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Flashcard Stash uses definitions from made available through the GNU Free Documentation License. The site also uses icons from the beautiful open source icon set Silk Icons. A list of all the words in the dictionary can be found here: Word Index.
All sentence examples are copyrighted to their respective publishers.

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