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acute pancreatitis: a disease where the pancreas essentially digests its self - potentially deadly

phallic: having to do with a penis

pathology: a branch within medicine that is known for the study of diseases and the causes of diseases etc

cardiovascular system: the organs and tissues involved in pumping and supplying blood throughout the body. important in circulating blood and lymph through the body

lymph: A colourless, watery, bodily fluid carried by the lymphatic system, that consists mainly of white blood cells.

coccyx: The final fused vertebrae at the base of the spine. commonly known as the tailbone in tailless primates and is the final connected section the coccyx ( pronounced as cok-six) is connected to the sacrum

sacrum: A large triangular bone located at the base of the spine between the two hipbones of pelvis and formed from fused vertebrae. its connected to the coccyx

cartilage: A type of dense, non-vascular connective tissue, usually found at the end of joints, the rib cage, the ear, the nose, in the throat and between intervertebral disks. it is soft and rubbery and is made up of living tissue .

atrial blood: oxygenated blood that can be found in the atria, lungs and the left chambers of the heart.

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