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grandfathers: nekån

grandmother: anå / nyo

brothers: wruna

uncles: truna

fathers: plåruna

sons: zåmen

friend (f): malgarey

friend: malgaray

grandmothers: anågani

orphan: yateem

people: khalek

uncle: tra

aunt: trur

cousin (m): trazoy

cousin (f): tralur

cousins (f): traluna

cousins (m): trazåmen

friends: malgeeree

guest (m): milma

guest (f): milmana

resident (m): osidunkeh

resident (f): osidunki

member (m): ghrle

member (f): ghrlee

aunt (maternal): toorley / khaala

old man: spingireh

old woman: spinsareh

bride: naawe

Mullah: malaa

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