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abhor: hate

bigot: prejudiced (racist) person

counterfeit: fake/false

Enfranchise: allow to vote

hamper: to interrupt

kindle: to start a fire

noxious: harmful

placid: calm

remuneration: payment for work done

talisman: lucky charm

abrasive: rough

bilk: cheat

covert: hidden

engender: cause

hangar: garage for a plane

knotty: complex

nuance: subtle meaning

plagiarism: taking credit for someone else`s writing or ideas

renown: fame

tangent: going off the main subject

abasement: humiliation

billowing: waving

cower: to avoid out of fear

enhance: improve

harangue: attacking speech

labyrinth: a maze

nullify: to make something unimportant

plaintiff: the accuser in court

replete: full

tangible: can be touched

abrogate: cancel

blasphemy: speech which goes against religion

credible: believable

enigma: mystery

harbingers: bringers of warnings

labyrinthine: complicated

nuzzle: cuddle

plaudit: strong praise

reprehensible: very bad

tardy: late

absolution: forgiveness

blatant: obvious

creditable: worthy of praise

ensconce: establish strongly in a position

hasten: hurry

laceration: a cut

obdurate: stubborn

plausible: reasonable

reprieve: to bring relief to someone

tawdry: cheap

abstain: to not do

blighted: destroyed/damaged

credulous: easily believing anything

enshroud: cover

haughtiness: pride

lachrymose: sad

obfuscate: to make something hard to understand to hide the truth

plethora: too many

repudiate: to reject

tedium: boredom

abstemious: self control from desires

blithe: happy and cheerful

crepuscular: active at sunrise or sunset

enunciation: talking very clearly

headstrong: stubborn

lackluster: dull

objective: not biased

pliable: not stubborn

rescind: to take back a word or promise

temper: soften

abstruse: difficult to understand

blunderbuss: a clumsy person

cringe: flinch in disgust

envenom: to cause bad feelings

hedonism: pleasure seeking

laconic: using few words

oblique: indirect

plumage: feathers of a bird

resignation: accepting fate

tenacious: stubborn

accolade: praise

bolster: support

cryptic: puzzling

ephemeral: short term

hedonist: a pleasure seeker

lamentation: expression of sadness

obliterate: destroy

plummet: fall suddenly and quickly

resolution: a strong will

tentative: not certain

acquiesce: to agree to something

bombast: arrogant talk

curtail: to make something shorter

epicure: someone who likes good food and drink

heed: listen to

lampoon: make fun of

oblivious: unaware

podium: raised platform

resonant: echoing

tenuous: not solid/unimportant

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