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plinth: A block or slab upon which a column, pedestal, or statue is based.

crwth: An archaic stringed instrument associated particularly with Wales, although once played widely in Europe.

quotidian: daily; occurring or recurring every day.

liposuction: A cosmetic surgery procedure in which excess fat is removed from a specific area by suction.

callipygian: Having beautifully shaped buttocks.

isochronous: happening at regular intervals

philatelic: of or relating to philately or of interest to philatelists

uxorious: Overly devoted or submissive to one's wife.

futtock: any of the curved timbers that form the ribs of a ship.

ovoviviparous: Of or pertaining to such kind of animals such as some reptiles whose eggs hatch inside their body

zygomatic: Pertaining to the zygoma.

floccinaucinihilipilification: The act or habit of describing or regarding something as worthless.

antidisestablishmentarianism: A political philosophy opposed to the separation of a religious group ("church") and a government ("state"), esp. the belief held by those in 19th century England opposed to separating the Anglican church from the civil government.

polymath: A person with extraordinarily broad and comprehensive knowledge.

lambent: Brushing or flickering gently over a surface.

fabulator: One who writes, studies or recites fables frequently; often professionally

serendipity: An unsought, unintended, and/or unexpected discovery and/or learning experience that happens by accident and sagacity.

lugubrious: gloomy, mournful or dismal, especially to an exaggerated degree.

plethora: An excessive amount or number; an abundance.

fusty: moldy or musty

unctuous: Oily or greasy.

fandango: A form of flamenco music and dance

fictive: fictional, fanciful or invented

oxymoron: A figure of speech in which two words with opposing meanings are used together intentionally for effect.

osculate: To kiss someone or something.

curmudgeon: A miser.

hidebound: Having the skin adhering so closely to the ribs and back as not to be easily loosened or raised.

idiosyncratic: Peculiar to a specific individual; eccentric.

troglodyte: A member of a supposed prehistoric race that lived in caves or holes, a caveman.

hegemony: Domination, influence, or authority over another, especially by one political group over a society or by one nation over others (e.g.: internationally among nation-states, and regionally over social classes, between languages or even culture).

cojones: testicles

synecdoche: A figure or trope by which a part of a thing is put for the whole, the whole for a part, the species for the genus, the genus for the species, or the name of the material for the thing made, and similar.

nucleophilic: of, or relating to an nucleophile

prelapsarian: Of, or relating to the period before the fall of Adam and Eve

flautist: One who plays the flute.

syncytium: A mass of cytoplasm containing many nuclei.

specificity: The probability, in a binary test, of a true negative being correctly identified.

paradigm: An example serving as a model or pattern.

oeuvre: A work of art.

brouhaha: A stir; a fuss or uproar.

undulant: Having the characteristics of a wave; wavelike

obsequious: Obedient, compliant with someone else's orders or wishes.

supercilious: showing contemptuous indifference; haughty.

avuncular: In the manner of an uncle, pertaining to an uncle.

transmogrify: To completely alter the form of.

glockenspiel: a musical instrument of the percussion family of instruments, like the xylophone, it has tuned bars arranged like the keys on a piano, and is also smaller in size and higher in pitch.

titillate: To stimulate or excite pleasantly

syzygy: A kind of unity, namely an alignment of three celestial bodies (for example, the Sun, Earth, and Moon) such that one body is directly between the other two, such as occurs at an eclipse

cunnilingus: Oral sex in which the clitoris or vulva of the female is orally stimulated.

coagulate: To cause to congeal, to convert from a liquid to a semisolid mass.

orifice: A mouth or aperture, as of a tube, pipe, etc. an opening;

vociferous: Making or characterized by a noisy outcry; clamorous.

vernacular: The language of a people, a national language.

verisimilitude: the property of seeming true, of resembling reality; resemblance to reality, realism

dodecahedron: A polyhedron with twelve faces;

obfuscate: To make dark; overshadow

specious: Seemingly well-reasoned or factual, but actually fallacious or insincere; strongly held but false.

peripatetic: Walking about; itinerant; nomadic.

schmaltz: Liquid chickenfat

antivivisectionist: an individual opposed to the practice of vivisection

circumlocution: A roundabout or indirect way of speaking; the use of more words than necessary to express an idea.

onomatopoeia: The property of a word of sounding like what it represents.

bilateral: having two sides

buckminsterfullerene: an allotrope of carbon having a hollow molecule consisting of 60 atoms arranged in 12 pentagonal and 20 hexagonal faces to form a truncated icosahedron; the smallest of the fullerenes

heterodoxy: The quality of being heterodox.

perspicacious: Of acute discernment; having keen insight; mentally perceptive.

obsolescent: In the process of becoming obsolete, but not obsolete yet.

zeitgeist: The spirit of the age; the taste, outlook, and spirit characteristic of a period.

festoon: An ornament such as a garland or chain which hangs loosely from two tacked spots.

plebeian: Of or pertaining to the Roman plebs, or common people.

harbinger: A person or thing that foreshadows or foretells the coming of someone or something.

phlegm: One of the four humors making up the body in ancient and mediaeval medicine; said to be cold and moist, and often identified with mucus. [from 13th c.]

propitiation: placation, atonement, expiation.

pith: The soft spongy substance in the center of the stems of many plants and trees.

drongo: Various birds of the family Dicruridae.

cloaca: A sewer.

vomitorium: A passage located behind a tier of seats in an amphitheatre used as an exit for the crowds

promulgate: To make known or public.

ineffable: Beyond expression in words; unspeakable.

osteoporotic: Relating to osteoporosis.

assonance: The repetition of similar or identical vowel sounds (though with different consonants), usually in literature or poetry.

mastication: The process of chewing.

per: for each

microscopy: the study of microscopes, their design and manufacture

oracular: Prophetic, foretelling the future.

poltroon: An ignoble or total coward; a dastard; a mean-spirited wretch.

colloquy: A formal conversation.

galantine: A dish of boned, stuffed meat (or fish) that has been lightly poached, and is served cold

heteroscedasticity: The property of a series of random variables of not every variable having the same finite variance

proscenium: The stage area between the curtain and the orchestra.

membranous: having the qualities of, or pertaining to a membrane

ampersand: The symbol "&".

constabulary: Characteristic to police; police-like (as opposed to military)

coprolite: fossilized dung

gorgonzola: A blue-veined Italian cheese, made from cow's milk.

ebullient: boiling, agitated, enthusiastic

defenestrate: To eject or throw (someone or something) from a window.

nodule: A rounded mass or irregular shape; a little knot or lump.

opacity: The state or quality of being opaque, not allowing light to pass through

kewl: Nonstandard spelling of cool.

smarmy: Falsely earnest, smug, or ingratiating.

carbuncle: A deep-red or fiery colored garnet or other dark red precious stone, especially when cut cabochon.

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