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rarefraction: part of a sound wave that has particles of vibrations furthest apart from each other

decibel: measurement of volume

vibration: a rapid back and forth movement

tuning fork: a pronged device that shows a consistent vibration of sound

crest: the highest point of a sound wave; above the baseline

sound: a form of energy produced by vibrating matter

compression: part of a sound wave that has particles of vibrations tightly packed

molecule: a small particle of an atom

hertz: the measurement for frequency

pitch: the highness and lowness of a sound

wave: a distrubance moving through matter

trough: the lowest point of a sound wave; below the baseline

compression wave: the type of wave in which matter vibrates in the same direction the wave travels

sonar: sound waves traveling through water

atoms: the smallest unit of matter

volume: the amount of energy in a sound wave

resonance: the vibration of a object due to a naturally occuring event; plane flying above

frequency: the number of waves that pass a point in a certain amount of time

amplitude: the height of a sound wave

wavelength: the distance between 2 crests of 2 troughs

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