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zygomatic bone: cheek bone

vertebral foramen: canal through which spinal cord passes

types of synovial joints: plane, hinge, pivot, ball-and-socket (condyloid and saddle)

true ribs: first 7 pairs of ribs; attach directly to sternum

true pelvis: surrounded by bone and lies inferior to flaring parts of the ilia; passage for infant at birth in women

tibia: shinbone

third step of bone fracture repair: bony callus is formed

things stored by the bones: fat, calcium, phosphorous

tendon sheath: elongated bursa that wraps completely around a tendon subjected to friction

tarsus: posterior half of foot

talus: ankle

synovial joints: bone ends separated by joint cavity w/synovial fluid; i.e knee

synarthroses: immovable joint

suture: immovable joint in the cranium

structural classification of joints: fibrous; cartilaginous; synovial

spongy bone: bone composed of small, needlelike pieces; lots of space

spiral: break that occurs from excessive twisting

shoulder girdle: clavicle and scapula

sella turcica: depression in sphenoid bone that holds pituitary gland

second step of bone fracture repair: break is splinted by fibrocartilage

sagittal suture: connects two parietal bones together

reduction: realignment of broken bone ends

pubis: most anterior part of hip bone

plane joint: short slipping or gliding movements; i.e. carpals

pivot joint: rotating bone turns around an axis; i.e. connection between radius/ulna and humerus

periosteum: connective tissue membrane surrounding diaphysis

pelvic girdle: two coxal bones (aka hip bones)

patellar surface: smooth area where patella rests to form knee cap

ostoblasts: bone-forming cells

osteocytes: mature bone cells

osteoclasts: bone-destroying cells

ossification: process of bone formation

open fracture: bone fracture that breaks through the skin

metatarsals: sole of the foot

metacarpals: bones of the palm

mandible: only bone with a movable joint in the face

lacrimal bone: allows tears to travel down

ischium: most inferior part of hip bone; the "sit down" bone

invertebral discs: pads of flexible fibrocartilage that cushion between vertebrae

interosseous membrane: flexible membrane connecting radius and ulna & tibia and fibula

impacted: broken bone ends are forced into each other

ilia: large, flaring bone portion of hip bones

hyoid bone: only bone that does not directly come in contact with other bones

hinge joint: angular movement allowed in one plane; i.e. elbow

greenstick: incomplete break

glenoid cavity: socket in scapular that receives head of humerus

functions of the bone: support, protection, movement, storage, blood cell formation

functions of joints: hold bones together; give mobility

functional classification of joints: synarthroses; amphiarthroses; diarthroses

fourth step of bone fracture repair: bone remodeling occurs

foramen magnum: large opening in occipital bone that allows spinal cord to attach to brain

foot arch: ligaments and tendons hold bones in foot together providing springiness

fontanels: fibrous membrane connecting cranial bones in fetuses

floating ribs: last two pairs of ribs; do not attach to sternum

first step of bone fracture repair: hematoma is formed

fibrous joints: united by fibrous tissue; i.e. sutures

femur: thigh bone

features of synovial joints: articular cartilage; fibrous articular capsule; joint cavity; reinforcing ligaments

false ribs: last 5 pairs of ribs; attach indirectly to sternum

false pelvis: superior to true pelvis

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