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reticular fibers: Fibers found near blood vessels that add strength and support

plasma cells: Special cells in tissue that make antibodies to fight infection

phagocytosis: Term that describes a cell's ability to engulf/didgest foreign substances; "Cellular Eating"

mast cells: Cells that secrete histamine which helps in the inflammatory process (they are usually located near blood vessels)

macrophages: White blood cells in tissue that fight infection by way of phagocytosis

hyaluronic acid: Slippery substance in connective tissue that binds cells together and helps in phagocytosis

histamine: Chemical substance released near blood vessels to encourage swelling & inflammation (associated with allergic reactions)

fibroblasts: Cells that make fibers for the ground substance of connective tissue

elastic fibers: Flexible and "stretchy" fibers that add elasticity to tissue

distention: The ability to "stretch" or change shape

collagen fibers: Tough, flexible fibers that add strength and support to tissues (the thickest of the 3 fibers)

chondroitin sulfate: Jelly-like substance in connective tissue that provides support and adhesiveness

chondrocytes: Cartilage cells

antibodies: Specialized proteins that help fight infection

adipocytes: Fat cells

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