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étudier: to study

écouter: to listen (to)

voyager: to travel

visiter: to visit

téléphoner: to call (on the phone)

travailler: to work

réussir: to succeed, to pass (a test)

répondre: to respond, to answer

rester: to stay, remain

rentrer: to return home

rendre: to hand in, to return

remplir: to fill (out)

regarder: to look (at)

punir: to punish

préférer: to prefer

perdre: to lose

patiner: to skate

parler: to speak

obéir: to obey

nager: to swim

manger: to eat

maigrir: to lose weight, to get thin

jouer: to play

inviter: to invite

grossir: to gain weight, to get fat

finir: to finish, end

entendre: to hear

dîner: to eat/have dinner/dine

détester: to dislike

désirer: to want

déjeuner: to eat lunch/ have lunch

danser: to dance

compter: to count

commencer: to begin

choisir: to choose

chanter: to sing

arriver: to arrive

aimer: to like

adorer: to love

acheter: to buy, purchase

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