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asexual reproduction: The creation of genetically identical offspring by a single parent, without the participation of sperm and eggs

anaphase: the fourth stage of mitosis, beginnign when the sister chromatids seperate from each other and ending when a complete set ofdaughter chromosomes arrives at each of the two poles of the cell

binary fission: a means of asexual reproduction in which a parent organism, often a single cell, divides into two genetically identical individuals of about equal size

cell cycle: an ordered sequence of events (including interphase & the mitotic phase) that extends from the time a eukayotic cell first formedfrom a dividing parent cell until its own divison into two cells.

Chromosome: a threadlike, gene-carrying structure found in the nucleus of a eukaryotic cell and most visible during mitosis and meiosis; also the main gene carrying stucture of the prokayotic cell

Chromatin: the combination of DNA and proteins that constitutes eukaryotic chromosomes, often used to refer to the diffuse, very extended form taken by chromosomes when a cell isnt dividing.

centromere: the region of duplicated chromosome where two sister chromatids are joined and where spindle microtubles attach during mitosis and meiosis.

cell division: the reproduction of a cell through a duplication of the genome and divsion of the cytoplasm

cytokinesis: the divsion of the cytoplasm to form two separate daughter cells.

centrosomes: Material in the cytoplasm of the eukaryotic cell that gives rise to microtubules

Cleavage furrow: The first sign of cytokinesis during cell division in an animal cell

Cell plate: a double membrane across the midline of a dividing plant cell, between which the new cell wall forms during cytokinesis

Metaphase: the third stage of mitosis, during which all the cell's duplicated chromosomes are lined up at an imaganry plane equidistant between the poles of the mitotic spindle

Mitotic Phase: M phase- the part of the cell cycle when the nucleus divides, its chromosomes are distibuted to the daughter nuclei , and the cytoplasm divides producing two daughter cells

Mitosis: The division of a single nucleus into two genetically identical nuclei

Mitotic spindle: a football-shaped strucure formed of microtubles and associated proteins that is involved in the movement of chromosomes during mitosis and meiosis

Prophase: the first stage of mitosis, during which the chromatin condenses to form structures (sister chromatids) visible with the light microscope and the mitotic spindle begins to form, but the nucleus is still intact

prometaphase: the second stage of mitosis, during which the nuclear envelope fragments and the spindle microtubles attach to the kinetchores of the sister chromatids

telophase: the fifth and final stage of mitosis, during which daughter nuclei form at the two poles of the cell

sexual reproduction: the creation of genetically unique offspring by the fusion of two hapoid sex cells, forming a diploid zygote

sister chromatid: One of the two identical parts of a duplicated chromosome in a eukaryotic cell

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