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visiter: to visit a place

rendre visite à: to visit a person

perdre: to lose

finir: to finiah

défendre: to defend, forbid

chanter: to sing

perdre: to lose

descendre: to go down

grandir: to grow taller

aimer: to like, love

manger: to eat

tondre: to mow

parler: to speak

monter: to climb, go up

choisir: to choose

rendre: to give back, return

porter: to wear, carry

grossir: to gain wight

écouter: to listen to

espérer: to hope

réussir: to succeed

penser: to think

entendre: to hear

oublier: to forget

maigrir: to lose weight

attendre: to wait for

assister à: to attend

donner: to give

montrer: to show

chercher: to look for

remplir: to fill

acheter: to buy

trouver: to find

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