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recondite: Hidden from the mental or intellectual view; secret; abstruse.

proliferate: To increase in number or spread rapidly.

propensity: A tendency, preference, or attraction.

iconoclastic: Characterized by attack on established beliefs or institutions;

grandiloquent: overly wordy, pompous, flowery, or elaborate.

extrapolation: A calculation of an estimate of the value of some function outside the range of known values.

austere: Grim or severe in manner or appearance

commensurate: proportionate; of a similar measurable standard

capitulate: To end all resistance; to give up; to go along with or comply; may imply compliance with an enemy or to end all resistance because of loss of hope

acerbic: Sour or bitter.

conflagration: A large fire extending to many objects, or over a large space; a general burning.

compunction: a pricking of conscience, a slight regret

deferential: respectful and considerate;

disseminate: To sow and scatter principles, ideas, opinions, and errors for growth and propagation, like seed

circumambulate: To walk around something in a circle, especially for a ritual purpose.

elocution: The art of public speaking with expert control of gesture and voice, etc.

epithet: A term used to characterize a person or thing.

impugn: To assault, attack.

exigent: Urgent; needing immediate action.

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