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tempo: time(Latin)

duct: lead(latin)

vic, vict: conqueror, king, live

vid, vis: see(latin)

reg: straighten, king, rule

scrib: write(latin)

geo: earth

meter: measure

aqua: water(latin)

lumen, luc: light

tend, ten: stretch

mov, mobil, mot: move

mis, mitt: send

magna: large

extra: beyond(5th)

inter: between

semi: half

co: together(prefix)

mis: bad, wrong

en, em: into, onto

dict: speak

audi: listen, hear

terra: earth(latin)

sym, syn, sys: together (prefix)

multi: many

sub: under

fore: front

ex: out

ultra: beyond(6th)

con, com: with(prefix)

arch: rule

thermo: heat

tele: far

ethno: race, culture

auto: self

spec, spect: look

hydro: water(Greek)

human: earth, man, ground

port: carry

fac, fic, fec: do, make

sphere: round

tri: three

able, ible: can do, able

bio: life

graph: write(Greek)

ship: office, skill, state, quality

ity: state of, quality(suffix)

fy: make(suffix)

ambi: both

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