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Agitate: To disturb or stir up in order to upset others.

condemn: To say very strongly that you do not approve of something or someone.

condone: To say that it is acceptable to do something that offer people think is wrong.

deception: The act of purposely making someone believe something that is not true.

deplorable: very bad

dilapidated: To fall into a state of disrepair.

impartial: Not based fair.

implicate: To show to be involved in, like a crime.

indicted: To officially say that someone may have committed a crime.

integrity: The quality of being honest and doing what you believe is right.

lingered: To stay in one place longer than expected.

mourning: To feel vary sad because someone has died.

pertinent: Relating directly to something.

pry: To open or remove something using force.

quivered: To shake a little because you are afraid or upset.

riled: To irritate

scarce: Not enough

subpoena: A writ ordering a person to attend court.

tolerate: To put up with

trudged: To walk with a lot of work.

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