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adenosine triphosphate: or ATP, a molecule that stores energy in cells

adenosine diphosphate: the result of ATP losing a phosphate. contains adenine, ribose, and two phosphate groups

respiration: where food is broken down into energy

aerobic processes: processes that require oxygen

anarobic processes: processes that require no oxygen

glycolysis: anarobic process where glucose is split into two molecules. end product is pyruvic acid

alcoholic fermentation: when ethyl alcohol and carbon dioxide are end products

lactic acid fermentation: when lactic acid is formed as a result of fermentation. muscles

citric acid cycle: also known as the Krebs Cycle. cycle of chemical reactions that produce more ATP and release electrons(energy)

Electron transport chain: substances along which electrons are transferred, releasing energy

chlorophyll: green pigment that traps energy from sunlight. A type of chloroplast. In plant cells.

thylakoid membranes: mebrane where energy from sunlight is trapped by chlorophyll

grana: stacks of thylakoid membranes.

stroma: material that surrounds grana or multiple thylakoid membranes

light reactions: where light excites electrons and water splits into Hydrogen and Oxygen

calvin cycle: reactions that form simple sugars using carbon dioxide and hydrogen

photolysis: splitting of water during photosynthesis

energy: the ability to do work; the capacity to do work;

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