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hardware theft: The theft of computer hardware.

system failure: The complete malfunction of a computer system.

full disk encryption (FDE): A technology that encrypts everything stored on a storage medium automatically, without any user interaction.

self-encryption hard drive: A hard drive that uses full disk encryption (FDE).

password: A secret word or character combination associated with an individual.

ruggedized device: A device that is designed to withstand much more physical abuse than a conventional device.

surge suppressor: A device that protects a computer system from damage due to electrical fluctuations.

uninterruptible power supply (UPS): A device containing a built in battery that provides continuous power to a computer and other connected components when the electricity goes out.

security software: Software, typically a suite of programs, used to protect your computer against a variety of threats.

antivirus software: Software used to detect and eliminate computer viruses and other types of malware.

disaster recovery plan (business continuity plan): A written plan that describes the steps a company will take following the occurence of a disaster.

hot site: An alternate location equipped with the computers and other equipment necessary to keep a business's operations going.

firewall: A collection of hardware and/or software that protects a computer or computer network from unauthorized access.

encryption: A method of scrambling the contents of an email message or a file to make it unreadable if an unauthorized user intercepts it.

secure Web page: A Web page that uses encryption to protect information transmitted via that Web page.

private key encryption: A type of encryption that uses a single key to encrypt and decrypt the file or message.

public key encryption: A type of encryption that uses key pairs to encrypt and decryot the file or message.

virtual private network (VPN): A private, secure path over the Internet that provides authorized users a secure means of accessing a private network via the Internet.

privacy: The state of being concealed or free from unauthorized intrusion.

information privacy: The rights of individuals and companies to control how information about them is collected and used.

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