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imagery: Vivid details often including the five senses

mood: The feeling the reader gets from the writing

rhyme scheme: The pattern created by the rhymes at the ends of the lines of a stanza of poetry

stanza: A group of lines in a poem

figurative language: Language the communicant meaning beyond literal meanings of words

speaker: the voice that talks to the reader\

symbolism: An image word object or ideas used to represent something else

rhythm: Rise and fall of voice or changing stress on certain syllables

simile: A figure of speech in which one thing is compared to another, in the case of English generally using like or as.

metaphor: a figure of speech comparing things by stating that one thing is another

repetition: Using the same word or phrase over and over again.

rhyme: Words the have the same sound at the end

hyperbole: Extreme exaggeration or overstatement;

onomatopoeia: The property of a word of sounding like what it represents.

personification: A figure of speech, prosopopeia, in which an inanimate object or an abstraction is given human qualities.

alliteration: The repetition of consonants at the beginning of two or more words immediately succeeding each other

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