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Reflective: Relating to or characterized by deep thought.

Anemia: Lacking in color spirit or vitality.

Leprechaun: A small mischievous spirit.

Strewn: Scatter or spread

Advisors: A person who gives advice.

Haunches: A buttock and thigh considered together in a human or animal.

Parka: A large wind proof jacket.

Pistonlike: Resembling or characteristic of a piston.

Standby: Readiness for duty or immediate deployment.

Administer: Dispense or apply a remedy or drug.

Weep: A fit or spell of shedding tears.

Ethical: Morally good or correct.

Set forth: State or describe something in writing or speech.

Abrasion: An area damaged by scraping or wearing away.

Surgical: Of relating to or used in surgery.

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