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Elastic Force: energy produced by a mineral ( spring, rubber band) when it is stretched ( pulled) or compressed ( pushed).

Tension Force: the force transmitted through a string, rope, or wire when pulled tight by forces acting from each end.

Compression Force: a squeezing or pushing applied to an object to make the object shrink.

applied/ contact force: a push or pull requiring physical contact between an object or person and another object or person.

area: is the size of a two- dimensional (flat) surface, length multiplied by width.

mass: Mass (symbolized m) is a dimensionless quantity representing the amount of matter in a particle or object. The standard unit of mass in the International System (SI) is the kilogram (kg).

gravity: Resultant force on Earth's surface, of the attraction by the Earth's masses, and the centrifugal pseudo-force caused by the Earth's rotation.

weight: The force on an object due to the gravitational attraction between it and the Earth.

orbit: A circular or elliptical path of one object around another object.

friction: The rubbing of one object or surface against another.

buoyant: having buoyancy; able to float

fluid: Any state of matter which can flow with relative ease, tends to assume the shape of its container, and obeys Bernoulli's principle; a liquid, gas or plasma

air resistance: The action of friction that slows something moving through air.

pressure: The amount of force that is applied over a given area divided by the size of this area.

pascal: In the International System of Units, the derived unit of pressure and stress; one newton per square metre. Symbol: Pa.

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