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Acetate: C2H3O2-

Hydrogen Sulfite: HSO3-

Hydrogen Sulfate: HSO4-

Hydrogen Carbonate: HCO3-

Nitrite: NO2-

Nitrate: NO3-

Cyanide: CN-

Hydroxide: OH-

Permanganate: MnO4-

Hypochlorite: ClO-

Chlorite: ClO2

Chlorate: ClO3-

Perchlorate: ClO4-

Hydrogen phosphate: HPO4-2

Sulfite: SO3-2

Sulfate: SO4-2

Carbonate: CO3-2

Chromate: CrO4-2

Phosphite: PO3-3

Phosphate: PO4-3

Ammonium: NH4+

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