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industrialization: when workers and immigrants from other countries moved into urban areas (cities) and began to work in the factories. This began in the US in the 1870's

rural: farm area

urban: city area

suburban: area located on the out skirts of the cities

tenement houses: crowded apartment buildings where many people lived during the Industrial Revolution

entrepreneur: Someone who starts up their own business

corporation: new businesses needed money (capital) to start up. A corporation was one way to get that capital. Corporations sell shares of their business, called stocks, to the public. If the company does well, stockholders earn a profit

Laissez-Faire: The government allows business owners to do as they choose

monopoly: When there is no competition in business

J. Pierpont Morgan: A great organizer
Bought many businesses, including Carnegie Steel
Controlled many RR's
Worth Billions
Banking Mogul

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