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cenat: cenavit: eats dinner, dines

centurio: centurion

cum: with

facit: fecit: makes, does

heri: yesterday

ingens: ingentem: huge

intelligit: intellexit: understands

lacrimat: lacrimavit: cries, weeps

mortuus: dead

narrat: narravit: tells, relates

nihil: nothing

omnis: all

parat: paravit: prepares

pestis: pestem: pest, rascal

poculum: cup (often for wine)

procedit: processit: advances, proceeds

prope: near

pulcher: pulchrum: beautiful, handsome

rogat: rogavit: asks

tacite: quietly, silently

tamen: however

terret: terruit: frightens

umbra: ghost, shadow

valde: very much, very

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