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agitat: agitavit: chases, hunts

consumit: consumpsit: eats

ducit: duxit: leads

eum: him

facile: easily

ferox: fierce, ferocious

gladius: sword

habitat: habitavit: lives

hic: this

ignavus: cowardly, lazy

incitat: incitavit: urges on, encourages

nuntius: messenger

pes: pedem: foot, paw

porta: gate

postulat: postulavit: demands

puer: puerum: boy

pugnat: pugnavit: fights

recumbit: recubuit: lies down, reclines

saepe: often

saepe: often

sanguis: sanguinem: blood

silva: woods, forest

spectaculum: show, spectacle

statim: at once

totus: whole

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