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agnoscit: agnovit: recognizes

celebrat: celebravit: celebrates

celeriter: quickly

civis: civem: citizen

cupit: cupivit: wants

dat: dedit: gives

dies: day

dies natalis: birthday

emittit: emisit: throws, sends out

exercet: excercuit: exercises

fert: tulit: brings, carries

homo: hominem: person, man

hospes, hospitem: guest

ille: that

inspicit: inspexit: looks at, inspects, examines

iterum: again

manet: mansit: remains, stays

medius: middle

mox: soon

notus: well known, famous

offert: obtulit: offers

ostendit: ostendit: shows

paulisper: for a short time

post: after

revenit: comes back, returns

suus: his

tradit: tradidit: hands over

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