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Mira: Look

Ensenar: To teach or show

Hablar: To speak

Estudiar: To study

Escuchar: To listen

Mirar: To look at

Entrar: To enter

Prestar atencion: To pay attention

Levantar: To raise

Tomar: To take

Preguntar: To ask

Contestar: To answer

Preparar: To prepare

Explicar: To explain

Sacar: To get or receive

Ir: To go

Dar: To give

Estar: To be

Llevar: To carry or wear

Calzar: To wear shoes

Regresar: To go back on

Llegar: To arrive

Navegar: To navigate

Enviar: To send

Trabajar: To work

Necistar: To need

Bailar: To dance

Cantar: To sing

Buscar: To look for

Comprar: To buy

Pagar: To pay

Usar: To use

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