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あめがふる: it rains

あらう: to wash

いう: to say

あそくなる: to be late for

いる: to need

おもう: to think

きる: to cut

つくる: to make

もっていく: to take (something)

じろじろみる: to stare (at...)

はじめる: to begin

うんてんする: to drive

せんたくする: to do laundry

そうじする: to clean

りょうりする: to cook

おどる: to dance

おわる: (something) ends

にんきがある: to be popular

はじまる: (something) begins

ひく: -to play (string instruments or piano) -to get (from somebody) (personにthingを)

おぼえる: to memorize

でる: -to appear, to attend (に) -to exit(を)

うんどうする: to do physical excercise

さんぽする: to take a walk

きめる: to decide

れんしゅうする: to practice

かかる: to take

とまる: to stay (at hotel) (に)

なる: to become

はらう: to pay

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