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position is the word: ' position.' - The book says that the position of a place or an object is the location of that place or object.

reference point is the word s: ' reference point.' - The book says that a location to you compare other locations is called a reference point.

speed is the word: ' speed.' - The book says that speed is a measure of how fast something moves or the distance it moves, in given amount of time.

velocity is the word: ' velocity.' - The book says that velocity is a speed in a specific direction.

vector is the word: ' vector.' - The books says that a vector is a quantity has both size & direction.

relative motion is the word s: ' relative motion.' - google says that relative motion means: the laws of physics which apply when you are at rest on the earth also apply when you are in any reference frame which is moving at a constant velocity with respect to the earth. it also gives

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