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Aluminum: Al

Argon: Ar

Arsenic: As

Barium: Ba

Beryllium: Be

Boron: B

Bromine: Br

Cadmium: Cd

Calcium: Ca

Carbon: C

Cesium: Cs

Chlorine: Cl

Chromium: Cr

Cobalt: Co

Copper: Cu

Fluorine: F

Francium: Fr

Gold: Au

Helium: He

Hydrogen: H

Iodine: I

Iron: Fe

Krypton: Kr

Lead: Pb

Lithium: Li

Magnesium: Mg

Gallium: Ga

Germanium: Ge

Rubidium: Rb

Molybdenum: Mo

Technetium: Tc

Ruthenium: Ru

Rhodium: Rh

Palladium: Pd

Indium: In

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