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nucleus: organelle where DNA is stored; control center

endoplasmic reticulum: A network of membranes within the cytoplasm of cells, where proteins and lipids are synthesized.

cell membrane: The semipermeable membrane that surrounds the cytoplasm of a cell.

lysosome: An organelle found in all types of animal cells which contains a large range of digestive enzymes capable of splitting most biological macromolecules.

cytoplasm: The contents of a cell except for the nucleus; "cell goo" that suspends all other organelles

cell wall: A thick, fairly rigid, layer formed around individual cells of plants & bacteria...it's external to the cell membrane and serves a structural function helping the cell maintain its shape and protecting the cell from damage.

ribosome: Small organelles found in all cells either free-floating in cytoplasm OR on rough ER; involved in the production of proteins by translating messenger RNA.

golgi apparatus: Cell post office; packages proteins sent over from the ER for exocytosis from the cell

chloroplast: An organelle found in the cells of green plants, and in photosynthetic algae, where photosynthesis takes place.

mitochondria: powerhouse; where cellular respiration occurs to convert chemical energy from glucose sugar into ATP

vacuole: A large membrane-bound vesicle in a cell's cytoplasm; cell storage warehouse for water & waste

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