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delineate: To define or describe

nefarious: Villain; evil; wicked

glutton: An excessive eater

hiatus: A break or vacation

hindrance: Something which hinders; something which obstructs, holds back or causes problems.

efface: To erase

obliterate: To destroy completely

copious: Great in quantity or number; abundant amount

extol: To praise highly

querulous: To whine or complain

engender: To create or cause

vernacular: Everyday speech or slang

brawn: Physical strength; muscularity.

admonish: To warn or scold

benevolent: Kind hearted; generous

fathom: To understand or comprehend

futile: Incapable of producing results; pointless

guffaw: A loud laugh

languid: Lacking energy; lazy

obdurate: Stubbornly persistent, generally in wrongdoing; refusing to reform or repent.

pulchritude: Physical beauty

tawdry: Cheap; poor quality

tumult: A loud, confusing noise; a riot or a crowd

enhance: To improve or make better

expedite: To speed up

gullible: Easily fooled

Incognito: Without being known; in disguise; false identity

integrate: To form into one whole; to complete; to join

irascible: Easily angered

Magnanimous: Kind hearted; generous

Negligible: Small; insignificant

nocturnal: Primarily active during the night

obnoxious: Very annoying; offensive

obsolete: Outdated; no longer in use

persistent: Refusing to give up or let go

predicament: An unfortunate or trying position or condition; a tight spot

quell: To calm or pacify

tentative: Uncertain; subject to future change

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