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A-, an-: without or not

ab-: away from

acr(o)-: extremity, tip

ad-: toward

ambi-: both, on sides

ana-: upward, backward, excessive, through

andr(o)-: male

ankyl(o)-: crooked, fused, stiff

ante-: before, forward

anti-: against, opposed

audi-: hear

auto-: self

bi-: double, two

bio-: life, living matter

brach-: short

brady(o)-: slow, short, dull

carcin(o)-: cancer, malignant

cata-: down, negative, under, against, lower

caud-: tail, inferior

cent(i)-: hundred

Chron(i, o, us)-: time, long time

circum-: around

contra-: against, opposite

counter-: against, opposite

cry(mo, o)-: cold

de-: down, from, away from, not

dext-: right

di-: two, double, twice

dia-: across, through, apart

dis-: separation, away from

dys-: bad, difficult, abnormal

ecto-: outer, outside

endo-: inner, inside

epi-: over, on, upon

eryth-: red

esthesi-: sensation

etio-: cause

ex-: out, out of, from, away from

febr(i, o)-: fever, boil

fract-: break, broken

fund-: base, bottom

gen-: beginning, origin, produce

gluc-: sweet, sugar, glucose

gyn(a, e, eco, o)-: female

hemi-: half

heter-: otherwise, different

hol-: whole, all

hom(eo, o)-: unchanged, alike, same

hyg(ei, ie)-: health

hyper-: excessive, too much, high

hypo-: under, decreased, less than normal

iatr(o)-: physician

idio-: distinct, peculiar to the individual

immuno-: protection

in-: in, into, within, not

infra-: beneath

inter-: between

intra-: within

intro-: into, within

iso-: equal, like, identical

juxta-: adjoining, near to

kypho-: bend, hump

lact(o)-: milk

later(al, o)-: side

leuk-: white

lebo-: left

macro-: large

mal-: bad, illness, disease

mega-: large

micro-: small

mono-: one, single

multi-: many

necr(o)-: death, destruction, corpse

neo-: new

noct(i, o)-: night

non-: not

olig-: small, skanty

onc(o)-: tumor, mass

ortho(o)-: straight, erect, correct

osm(io, o)-: smell, odor

oxy-: sharp, acute, acid

palp-: touch, feel

pan-: all

para-: abnormal, near

path(o)-: disease, suffering

pept(o)-: digestion

per-: by, through

peri-: around

phag(o)-: eat, consume

pharmaco-: drugs, poison, medication

physio-: natural, physical agents

poly-: many, much

post-: after, behind

pre-: before, in front of, prior to

pro-: before, in front of

pseudo-: false

quadr(a, i)-: four

re-: again

retro-: backward

schist(o)-: split, divided

scler(o)-: hard

semi-: half

sepsi-: putrid, rotten

son(o)-: sound

steno-: contracted, narrow

strat(i)-: layer

sub-: under

super-: above, over, excess

supra-: above, over, excess

therm-: warm

tract-: pull down

trans-: across

ultr(a, o)-: excessive, extreme, beyond

uni-: one

zyg(o, us)-: yoke, join, together

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