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baban: baby

ci: dog

dyn: man

dydd: day

fi: me

fferm: farm

gardd: garden

angladd: funeral

haul: sun

jam: jam

lôn: lane

lle: place

mam: mother

ni: we

plant: children

traphont: viaduct

radio: radio

rhaff: spade

seren: star

tŷ: house

cath: cat

dant: tooth

tân: fire

peth: thing

pin: pin

sgrîn: screen

ton: wave

côr: choir

gwefus: lip

hwn: this

cŵn: dog

hyn: these

siop: shop

wy: egg

brwsh: brush

basged: basket

bws: bus

carped: carpet

palas: palace

papur: paper

peint: paint

stryd: street

traffig: traffic

trên: train

crap: smattering

cul: narrow

dim: nothing

ffrog: frock

haws: house

hi: she

hynt: journey

mil: thousand

min: edge

Cymraeg: Welsh

Saesneg: English

Ffrangeg: French

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