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anomaly: A deviation from a rule or from what is regarded as normal.

zeal: The fervor or tireless devotion for a person, cause, or ideal and determination in its furtherance; diligent enthusiasm; powerful interest.

assuage: To lessen the intensity of, to mitigate or relieve (hunger, emotion, pain etc.).

enigma: Something puzzling, mysterious or inexplicable

equivocal: A word or expression capable of different meanings; an ambiguous term; an equivoque.

erudite: learned, scholarly, with emphasis on knowledge gained from books.

fervid: Intensely hot, emotional, or zealous.

lucid: clear; easily understood

opaque: allowing little light to pass through, not translucent or transparent.

placate: To calm; to bring peace to; to influence someone who was furious to the point that he or she becomes content or at least no longer irate.

precipitate: To throw an object or person from a great height.

prodigal: wastefully extravagant.

abstain: Refrain from (something); hold one's self aloof; to forbear or keep from doing, especially an indulgence of the passions or appetites; -- with from.

adulterate: Corrupted; impure; adulterated.

apathy: Complete lack of emotion or motivation about a person, activity, or object; depression; lack of interest or enthusiasm; disinterest.

audacious: Showing willingness to take bold risks; recklessly daring.

capricious: Impulsive and unpredictable; determined by chance, impulse, or whim

corroborate: To confirm, strengthen or support something with additional evidence; to attest or vouch.

desiccate: to preserve by drying

engender: To produce, Cause, or bring out

ephemeral: Lasting for a short period of time.

gullible: Easily deceived or duped; naïve, easily cheated or fooled.

homogenous: Having the same genetic structure; exhibiting homogeny

laconic: Using as few words as possible; pithy and concise.

laudable: Worthy of being lauded; praiseworthy; commendable; as, laudable motives; laudable actions; laudable ambition.

laud: To praise, to glorify.

loquacious: Talkative or chatty, especially of persons given to excess conversation.

mitigate: To reduce, lessen, or decrease.

pedant: A person who is overly concerned with formal rules and trivial points of learning.

pragmatic: Practical, concerned with making decisions and actions that are useful in practice, not just theory

propriety: correctness in behaviour and morals

volatile: evaporating or vaporizing readily under normal conditions. easily aroused or changeable

vacillate: to sway physically, to be indecisive

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