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Judaism: Religions that believe there is only God

Democracy: Political system developed by the Greek’s “rule by many”

Socratic Method: Teaching method used to draw information out of students by asking questions

Aristotle: Greek philosopher who studied govt’s and decided a constitution govt. is best

Monotheism: Religion that only believes in One God

Plato: Philosopher who believed the world should be run by Philosopher-Kings

Romans: Civilization known for their great empire and laws

Polytheism: Belief in many Gods

Philosophy: Organized system of thought (Greek)

Renaissance: Time period when people looked to Greek and Roman Ideals

Law of Nations: Roman code of laws that applied to all people

Magna Carta: Law intended for Nobles, but later gave rights to all English Citizens

Code of Hammurabi: Code of Laws- belief, “EYE FOR AN EYE”

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