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ruthless: Cruel; merciful (regret + without)

contempt: Scorn; disrespect

callous: Hardened; insensitive

sadistic: Of someone who delights in the pain of others.

supercilious: Arrogantly superior (above + eyebrow)

idiosyncrasy: A peculiar trait or habit. (peculiar)

anomaly: Unusual event (not + same)

incongruous: Inappropriate (not + agree)

fetter: To restrain or impede; to hamper; to tie up; to chain.

notorious: Famous for bad things. (known)

decry: To speak out against (down + cry)

vilify: To slander; to defame; to put down (worthless)

heinous: Cruel and unusual (hatred)

revile: To attack (someone) with abusive language.

eclectic: Made up of parts from many different sources (out + to choose)

synthesis: A fusion; a bringing together (together + to put)

compatible: Capable of living together in harmoniously.

invoke: To call on for help or inspiration (in + call)

amass: To gather; to pile up.

predilection: Disposition in favor of something.

amalgam: A combination of different things

contemporary: Living or occurring during the same time period (together + time)

yoke: To join different things.

synchronize: To arrange events to occur simultaneously (same + time)

convoke: To call together (together + call)

anthology: A collection of literary works, such as poems or short stories.

coalesce: To join into a single mass or whole.

formidable: Awesome; hard to overcome; dreadful (fear)

potent: Strong and effective (strong)

bulwark: A strong defense

indomitable: Unable to be conquered (not + lord)

redoubtable: Arousing fear; formidable; awesome (intensive + to doubt)

robust: Full of vigor

impervious: Incapable of being penetrated or affected (not + through + road)

efficacious: Capable of producing a desired effect (to effect)

stalwart: Physically or morally strong supporter

stalwart: Physically or morally strong supporter

impotent: Lacking strength or power

predominant: Most important (before + lord)

impregnable: Unable to be entered by force

brawn: Muscular strength

bastion: Stronghold, fortress

sacrilegious: Grossly irreverent; disrespectful of something sacred (sacred)

sanctuary: A place of refuge; a sacred place (holy)

sacrosanct: Profoundly sacred (sacred + holy)

sanctimonious: Falsely pious or self-righteous (holy)

revere: To regard with honor and devotion (intensive + respect)

pious: Showing religious reverence

deference: Respect for the wishes of others (away + carry)

sacrament: A formal religious act or oath (sacred)

venerable: Worthy of reverence

consecrate: To declare, or otherwise make something holy. (sacred)

talisman: An object with magical powers (result)

lionize: To treat (a person) as if he were important, or a celebrity.

venerate: To treat with great respect and deference.

slander: False comments that injure another's reputation (scandal)

pejorative: Tending to make worse (worse)

harangue: A long critical, and pompous speech.

denigrate: T0 attack as, the character of

malediction: A curse (bad + declared)

disparage: To criticize someone or something in a way that shows you do not respect or value them (apart + rank, peer)

impugn: To cause people to doubt someone's character, qualities or reputation by criticizing them (against + to fight)

admonish: To reprimand mildly (to + to warn)

derogatory: Showing strong disapproval and not showing respect.

belittle: To make an action or a person seem like they are not important.

repudiate: To refuse to accept something or someone as true, good or reasonable. (divorce)

caustic: Corrosive; sarcastic

diatribe: Malicious criticism or abuse (through + to rub)

calumny: Slander; false accusation

censure: Official condemnation; harsh criticism

transient: Fleeting; short-lived (to go across)

expedite: To speed up (out + foot)

transitory: Lasting only a short time; temporary

ephemeral: Short-lived (day)

sporadic: Irregular or unpredictable (scattered)

capricious: Whimsical; impulsive

evanescent: Likely to vanish (to disappear)

anachronism: Something out of place in time (backward + time)

extemporaneous: Done with little or no practice (of + time)

influx: A flowing in (in + to flow)

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