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Sukoshi: A little

Ochya: Tea

Mizu: Water

Nezumi: Mouse

Neko: Cat

Inu: Dog

Daijyoubou: Are you Ok?

ringo: apple

agemasu: to give

tachimasu: to stand

tsukemasu: to attach, to turn on

machimasu: to wait

isogimasu: to hurry

hon: book

Ohayou gozaimasu: Good Morning!

Konbanwa: Good Evening

Oyasuminasai: Good night

Douzo yoroshiku: Nice to meet you.

Ima nanji desuka?: What time is it?

Douzo: Here you go.

Dou itashimashite: You are welcome

senaka: Back

Sumimasen: Excuse me

Genki: How are you?

Onakaga suita: I am hungry

Onaka ippai: I'm full

Ikuradesuka?: How much does it cost?

go go: pm

gozen: AM

gakusei: Student

Hiru: Noon/Afternoon

shyokudou: Cafeteria

Tenki: Weather

takai: expensive

yasui: cheap

dekakemasu: to go out

kaimasu: to buy

bangumi: TV Show

Zannendesune: It's okay.

henshyoukudesu: Picky eater

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