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Shoreline: The boundary between land and a body of water.

Beach: An area of the shoreline made up of material deposited by waves.

Saltation: The movement of sand or other sediments by short jumps and bounces that is caused by water or water

Deflation: A form of wind erosion in which fine, dry soil particles are blown away.

Abrasion: The grinding and wearing away of rock surfaces through the mechanical action of other rock or sand particles.

Loess: Very fine sediments deposited by the wind.

Dune: A mound of wind- deposited sand that keeps its shape even though it moves.

Glacier: A large mass of moving ice.

Glacial drift: The rock material carried and deposited by glaciers.

Till: Unsorted rocks material that is deposited directly by a melting glacier.

Stratified: A glacial deposit that has been sorted and layered by the Acton of streams or meltwater.

Mass movement: A movement of a section of land down a slope.

Rock fall: A group of loose rocks that fall down a steep slope.

Landslide: The sudden movement of rock and soil down a slope.

Creep: The slow downhill movement of weathered rock material.

Mudflow: The flow of a mass of mud or rock and soil mixed with a large amount of water.

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