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contemplate: To think about something in a concentrated manner or for an extended period of time. To think deeply about something; to ponder or consider.

lynx: a wild cat

craziness: out of place, excitement

practically: almost, not completely

anxiety: a felling of worry

exposure: The condition of being exposed, uncovered, or unprotected.

sane: Being in a healthy condition; not deranged; acting rationally; -- regarding the mind.

borg: a group of aliens

cardigan: a knitted sweater

canape: a small piece of bread

pummeling: strike repeatedly

paranoia: a mental condition

accustomed: get use to

slinking: move slowly and quietly

peculiar: Out of the ordinary; odd; curious; unusual.

scrounge: to beg or barrow

sly: sneaky and quiet

amputation: surgical removal of all or part of a limb, etc.

pharaoh: a ruler in Egypt

intriguing: one's curiosity or intrest

roust: cause to get up

gratified: indulge or satisfy

impulse: strongly suggested the truth

silhouettes: a dark outline of someone or something

immobilizing: preventing someone or something from moving or operation as normal

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