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ichi: 1

ni: 2

san: 3

shi: 4

go: 5

roku: 6

sichi: 7

hachi: 8

kyuu: 9

juu: 10

juuichi: 11

juuni: 12

Months: number+-gatsu( May is gogatsu because it's the 5th month. go=5)

Ikari desu ka?: how much will it cost?

Kowai: scary

Kawaii: cute

Hajimemashite: How do you do?

i am_: Watashi wa [enter name here, last name first]desu

Desu: pronounced "dess" it's a word that means as being, is, are. So, if somebody asks your names you say. "HERPDERP desu"

Nihongo ga chotto wakarimasu: I understand a little Japanese

_came from_: _(ex. Amerika) kara kimashita

Hai: yes

iiee: No(ee-yeh)

Yes it is: Hai yasumi desu

When is [your] birthday: Tanjoobi wa itsu desu ka?

What do [you] like?: nani ga suki desu ka?



Kowai: Scary

iku: to go

a: (ah) in that manner, like that, that way

achira: there,that

ageru: to give

aku: to open

anata: you

dare: who

kanojo: she,her

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