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G1: The stage in which a cell doubles in size, and copies organelles

G2: The stage in which the cell goes through checks for mitosis to begin

S phase: The stage in which DNA replicates itself

DNA: Contains all of the genetic information for an organism

mRNA: Copies down information in the nucleus to bring instructions to the ribosomes for building proteins

Prophase: DNA condenses into chromosomes and spindle fibers appear

metaphase: chromosomes line up in the middle of the cell and spindle fibers attach

anaphase: chromosomes get pulled to opposite sides of the cell

telophase: two new nuclei form around the separated chromosomes

Cytokinysis: The cell splits into two daughter cells

chromosome: Tightly packaged DNA Humans have 46

Cancer: The uncontrolled growth of a cell or mass of cells

interphase: Contains G1 S and G2

Cell Plate: Grows across plant cell during cytokinesis

Mitosis: contains prophase metaphase anaphase telophase

blood stream: Used by tumors to spread cancer cells

cyclins: check the cell in division during G2

chemotherapy: Chemical treatment for cancer

Surgery: physically remove cancer cells

radiation therapy: use radiation to kill cancer cells

apoptosis: programmed cell death

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