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energy: ability to do work or cause change

Power: = Energy Transferred

Kinetic Energy: the energy an object has due to it its motion which depends on its speed and its mass

potential energy: energy that results from the position or shape of an object

gravitational potential energy: Potential energy related to an object's height.
GPE = Weight X Height

elastic potential energy: the energy associated with objects that can be compressed or stretched

mechanical energy: Form of energy associated with the motion, position, or shape of an object.
ME = PE + KE

nuclear energy: a type of potential energy stored in the nucleus of an atom

thermal energy: total kinetic and potential energy of the particles in an object

electrical energy: energy of electric charges

electromagnetic energy: form of energy that travels through space in waves

chemical energy: potential energy stored in chemical bonds after the bonds have been broken

energy transformation: a change from one form of energy to another form of energy

law of conservation of energy: It is when one form of energy is transformed to another, no energy is lost in the process. Energy can not be lost or destroyed.

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