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boulanger: bread baker

taste: A person’s ability to identify substances such as foods, minerals, and even some poisons

umami: a savory taste

toque: a chef hat

respect: Having consideration for oneself and others

garde-manger: pantry chef

personal responsibility: Doing work without making excuses for why it’s not being done more quickly or better

workstation: An arrangement of equipment and tools in a certain area dedicated for completing a specific task

Salad prep is done by this person: Garde-manger

sous chef: responsible for accepting orders from the dining room and reviewing dishes before service

captain: responsible for explaining the menu to guests and taking their orders

standardized recipe: A recipe with a set format that is clear to anyone who uses it

conversion factor: know how to do this!!!

total cost of a recipe: ingredient amounts and the price of each.

formula to increase or decrease a recipe: Divide the desired yield by the original yield to get the conversion factor, and then multiply each ingredient by the conversion factor

basic math: be ready to solve basic math problems dealing with percentages, decimals, etc...

8 fl. oz: 1 cup

celcius: know how to convert to Fahrenheit

212 farenheit: temp of boiling water

1 #: 16 oz.

volume: The amount of space an ingredient takes up

dry measuring cup: method for measuring fat involves packing the fat down into the cup and pressing firmly to remove air bubbles

AP/EP: know how to figure yield %'s!

1 pint: 2 cups

1 T: 3 t.

1 qt.: 2 pt.

1 gallon: 4 qts.

grams: measure weight

0 degrees celcius: 32 degrees farenheit

yield: The number of servings or the amount the recipe makes

1/2 c.: 120 millimeters

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