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account for: To explain by relating circumstances; to show that some one, thing or members of a group are present or have been processed.

act on: To act decisively on the basis of information received or deduced.

act up: To misbehave; to cause trouble.

add to: On the film’s opening night, the surprise appearance of several famous movie stars added to the excitement.

act out: To express one's feelings through disruptive actions.

add to: contribute to

add up: (Usually negative, as in ‘It doesn’t add up.’)

add up to: To have a particular effect. ex) What do 10, 7 and 6 add up to? Do they add up to 22, or is it 23?

aim at: To design for a particular audience eg) The new ads for Levi jeans are aimed at young

allow for: To take into account when making plans.

amount to: amount to sth

appeal for: appeal for sth appeal for sth from sb appeal to sb for sth

appeal to: appeal to sb

arrive at: To reach (an objective or conclusion)

ask after: To enquire about the health or progress (of someone).

ask for: to request

ask out: To invite somebody, especially on a date.

ask over: ask around sb

attach to: attach sth to sth

attend to: attend to sth/sb

average out: average out average sth out average out at sth 평균을 내다.

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