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vignette: 1.A brief evocative description, account, or episode 2.A small illustration or portrait photograph that fades into its background without a definite border 3.A small ornamental design filling a space in a book or carving, typically based on foliage

somber: Dark or dreary in character; joyless, and grim.

certitude: sureness, certainty

candor: the state of being sincere and open in speech; honesty in expression

insouciance: careless, heedless, indifferent, or casual unconcern

whimsy: A quaint and fanciful idea. A whim. Playfully odd behaviour.

gravitas: Seriousness in bearing or manner; dignity. substance, weight

animosity: Violent hatred leading to active opposition; active enmity; energetic dislike.

frivolous: Silly, especially at an inappropriate time or in an inappropriate manner. 1.Not having any serious purpose or value - rules to stop frivolous lawsuits

disgruntled: Unhappy; dissatisfied; Angry

hyperbole: Extreme exaggeration or overstatement; especially as a literary or rhetorical device.

sermonize: To propagate one's morality with speech. preach

perfunctory: Performed out of routine and with little care.

fell: To make something fall; especially to chop down a tree.

debacle: An event or enterprise that ends suddenly and disastrously, often with humiliating consequences.

hodgepodge: A collection of miscellaneous things; a jumble.

harmonious: Showing accord in feeling or action.

reclusive: Avoiding the company of other people; solitary - a reclusive life in rural Ireland

mercurial: Lively; clever; sprightly; animated; quick-witted.

hoard: To amass, usually for one's personal collection.

embody: To include or represent, especially as part of a cohesive whole

garner: acquire or deserve by one's efforts or actions

defiance: Open resistance; bold disobedience - the demonstration was held in defiance of official warnings

deference: Humble submission and respect - he addressed her with the deference due to age

incitement: The action of provoking unlawful behavior

collusion: A secret agreement for an illegal purpose; conspiracy.

eschew: To avoid; to shun.

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