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sumimasen: Excuse me / I'm sorry / Thank you for taking the trouble to help me.

so desu: That's right.

Hajimemashite: Pleasure to meet you (For the first time).

dozoyuroshiku: Please be kind to me/ Please give me kindness

ohiyou: Good Morning (informal)

ohiyou gozaimasu: Good Morning (formal)

yoru: night

asa: morning

shitsudei shimashita: I was rude

konbanwa: (night time greeting)

konichiwa: (Afternoon Greeting)

hiru: afternoon

o-hisashiburi desu: It's been a long time. (polite)

Shibaraku desu ne: It has been a while.

O-geinki desu ka: Are you well?

o-kage samade: Thanks to (you)...

ze koochoo: I'm doing great (on top of the world!)

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