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Prediction: a statement about what may happen in the future based on prior experience or knowledge

Repeated Trials: the number of times procedures are repeated, usually 3-5, during a scientific experiment in order to achieve a more accurate results

Controlled Variables: the variables in an experiment which are held constant to test the effect of the independent variable upon the dependent variable

Dependent Variable: the variable, within a scientific experiment, which is affected by changes in the independent variable of the experiment

Independent Variable: a variable that is changed by the person conducting the experiment and not changed by other variables in the experiement

Graduated Cylinder: a tall, narrow container with a volume scale used to measure liquids

Qualitative observation: characteristics of objects or events, other than actual numerical measurements

Quantitative Observation: characteristics of objects or events which can be measured using numeric values

Conclusion: a decision made after considering relevant facts and evidence

Inference: a conclusion drawn from evidence or reasoning

Law: a descriptive generalization about how some aspect of the natural world behaves under stated circumstances

Scientific Critique: an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of a scientific investigation

Constant Speed: rate of motion where the same amount of distance is traveled in the same amount of time (speed = distance/time)

Velocity: rate of change of position of an object in a specified direction

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