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Acquit: free from an accusation; declare innocent

congested: filled to excess

objective: something toward which efforts are directed

remorseful: Filled with remorse

apparel: Outer clothing

irrelevant: not relating to the subject

lucrative: Producing wealth

prestige: standing in the eyes of others

assume: take for granted

indulgent: inclined to give in to one's wishes or those of toehrs

resolve: get back

retrieve: get back

adversary: person or group that opposes another

fiscal: pertaining to money or finance

replenish: make full or complete again

rescind: take away; make void

abrupt: occurring quickly and without warning

embarrassment: state of being embarrassed

lax: lacking in firmness or severity; not strict

aftermath: that which follows or results, especially from a disaster

generate: bring into existence; be the cause of

option: something that may be or is chosen

persevere: maintain a course of action in spite of difficulties, opposition, or discouragement

aspect: distinct part of something

confidential: imparted (entrusted) in confidence

overlook: fail to notice or consider

speculate: take to be true on the basis of insufficient evidence

breach: violation of a low, duty or obligaton

disintegrate: break up or decompose

requisite: required for a particular purpose

revoke: cancelled by recalling or taking back

autonomy: right of self-government

inflexible: rigidly firm in will or purpose

judicious: having, exercising, or characterized by sound judgement

punitive: inflicting, involving, or aiming at punishment

indignant: feeling or showing indignation

integrity: soundness of moral character

negotiate: arrange for or bring something about through discussion or compromise

synthetic: formed by chemical reactions in a laboratory, rather than by nature

contend: strive in rivalry or competition

ingredient: component part of any combination or mixture

irrational: lacking sound judgement; contrary to reason

shirk: avoid the performance of one's work or duty

aspiration: strong desire, longing, or aim

bleak: offering little or no hope or encouragement

endorse: approve openly

insinuate: introduce artfully and indirectly

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