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autoimmune disease: disease against self

immunoglobulins: protection protein

immunosuppression: lowered immune system

lymphopoiesis: Formation of lymphocytes.

lymphedema: collection of fluid in a lymph gland

lymphocytopenia: Deficiency of lymphocytes

lymphocytosis: abnormal condition of lymph

lymphoid: resembling a lymph

lymphadenopathy: disease of a lymph gland

lymphadenitis: Inflammation of lymph nodes

splenomegaly: Enlargement of the spleen

splenectomy: Removal of the spleen

asplenia: Absence of a spleen

hypersplenism: excess function of the spleen

thymectomy: removal of a thymus gland

anaphylaxis: severe allergic reaction

interstitial fluid: pertaining to fluid between cells

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