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Armpit: Axillary

Arm: Brachial

Cheek: Buccal

Wrist: Carpal

Abdomen: Celiac

Head: Cephalic

Neck: Cervical

Ribs: Costal

Hip: Coxal

Leg: Crural

Elbow: Cubital

Finger or Toe: Digits

Back: Dorsum

Thigh: Femoral

Forehead: Frontal

Reproductive Organs: Genital

Buttocks: Gluteal

Groin: Inguinal

Loin - lower back: Lumbar

Breast: Mammary

Chin: Mental

Nose: Nasal

Mouth: Oral

Lower Posterior Head: Occipital

Eye: Orbital

Ear: Otic

Palm: Palmar

Knee: Patellar

Stomach: Abdominal

Shoulder: Acromial

Forearm: Antebrachial

Front Elbow Space: Antecubital

Chest: pectoral

Foot: Pedal

Perineum: Perineal

Sole of Foot: Plantar

Behind knee: Popliteal

Between hip bones: Sacral

Middle of thorax: Sternal

Ankle: Tarsal

Navel: Umbilical

Spine: Veterbral

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