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prueba: test

seguir: to keep/to follow

esforzarse: to make the effort

hipotecas: mortgages

avaros: greedy

condenar: to condemn

estadistico: statistics

recortar: to cut out

Pese a que: although

madurar: to ripen

cupones: coupons

pesadilla: nightmare

perseguir: to pursue/chase

diseñar: to design

lanzar: to throw

cifras: figures

citar: to quote

enfrentar: to bring face to face

brecha: gap

restrante: remaining

engañar: to deceive/cheat

espejismo: miracle

estallar: to burst

esperanzar: to hope

apuntar: to point at

bolsillos: pockets

esfumarse: to fade away

sindicato: union

despedir: to fire/farewell

probar: to try something

intentar: to attempt

darse cuenta: to realize

aun: already

mas aun: even more

asi: that way

importar: to care/ to import

eco: echo

poner en entredicho: to put in question

predecir: to predict/forecast

abiertamente: openly

aplazar: to postpone

asumir: to assume

pesar: to weigh

disponible: available

riqueza: riches

claramente: clearly

apreciarse: to appreciate

sumergir: to submerge

dirigir: to steer/direct

pese a/a pesar de: though

comportar: to behave

carrera: career

sufrir: to suffer

mermar: to lessen

escoger: to choose

una base de datos: database

pasos: steps

disponer: to give up

empujar: to push

quizas: maybe/perhaps

conseguir: to get/obtain

alcanzamos: to reach/catch up

defender: to defend

impensable: unthinkable

apenas: hardly

cantidad: quantity

cazar: to hunt/to catch

incitar: to incite

alejar: to remove

aislar: to isolate

elegir: to choose/ to elect

apoyarse: to rest/to lean

remontar: to overcome

honda: deep

sino: except

imprenta: printing

pinares: pine forest

breve: brief

financiacion: funding

quemar: to burn

formas: ways

norma: norm/rule

guiñar: to wink

echar de menos: to miss

asiduo: frequent

cumplir: to carry out/to keep

percatarse: to notice/to realize

ardua: arduous

tarea: task

mecer: to rock

diaria: daily

sin cesar: without stop

oda: ode

instigar: to instigate

alejarse: to move away

distraer: to entertain/divert

internauta: internet user

veloz: swift

mentes: minds

parpadear: to blink/flicker

inquietar: to worry

indignar: to infuriate

buzon: letterbox

reir: to laugh

caer bien: feel good about something/someone

voraz: voracious

modelitos: outfits/clothes

llevar: to carry

leer en alto: read aloud

pastaurizar: to pasteurize

yema: yolk

cáscara: shell

batir: to beat

chollo: bargin

la escala (de Ritcher): Ritcher Scale

luchar: to fight

enfriar: to cool

olor: odor

a raiz de: the root of

ligar: to flirt

parar: to stop

juerga: party "feeling of"

impuestos: taxes

comprensivo: understanding

verguenza: shame

al otro lado de: the other side

repasar: to review

bucear: to snorkel/scuba

cuerpo: body

oler: to smell

invernadero: greenhouse

picara: cunning/naughty

sonrisa: smile

tras: after/behind

orgulloso: proud

mechero: lighter

consolidarse: to be consolidated

disfrutar: to enjoy

mezcla: mixture

mezclar: to mix

paro/desempleo: unemployed

tarifa: rate/price

en pleno: in the heart/center

dato: data

historias: stories

fomentar: to favor/promote

callejera: street life

alma: soul

girar: to spin

triunfar: to have success

contar: to count/tell (cuenta)

calada: drag (of a cigarette)

rato: a while

ligones: players

pitillo/cigarrillo: cigarette

gasto: spending

crecer: to grow/increase

terremoto: earthquake

golpear: to hit

cancer de pulmón: lung cancer

romper aguas: to break water

escenario: stage

vida contidiana: daily life

personajes: characters

ahondar: to deepen

ciervos: deer

alentar: to encourage

impedir: to prevent

deleita: delights

pesados: pest

someter: to submit/to conquer

ventaja: advantage

parir: to give birth

una corriente: current

tercera parte: third

clara: egg whites

unos #: around #

mostrar: to show

hacia: towards

señalar: to mark/to point out

escoces: Scottish

flamenco: Flemish

mentir: to lie

resaltar: to enhance

poder: power

potentes: power

rincon: corner

manera: way

desproporcionado: disproportionate

aparecerse: to appear

arremeter: to attack

colgar: to hang

estirar: to stretch

estirado: extreme

calor: to soak

parrafo: paragraph

caber: to fit

agitar: to shake/get upset

polemicas: contoversy

fielmente: faithfully

herramienta: tool

medida: measurement

tamaños: sizes

colocar: to place/to put

antepasados: ancestors

acercar: to bring nearer

occidental: western

culpa: fault

madera: wood

alegria: pleasure

bancos de pescado: school of fish

parecido: similar

de pronto: suddenly

petardos: firecrackers

fuegos artificiales: firework

empleados: employees

espalda: back

piñon fijo: fixed gear

tomar/hacer un descanso: have a break

abadia: abbey

socio: partner

partir: to divide

prestar: to lend

salgo volando: I'm rushing

tiburon: shark

ciudadanos: citizens

dorada: bass

trucha: trout

caballa: small tunalike fish

ballena: whale

sobrepescar: to overfish

pesca con mosca: flyfih

aliados: allies

redecilla: net

alrededor: around

yates: yachts

plagado: plague

medusas: jellyfish

depredador: predators

medioambiental: environmental

detallar: to detail

arrastrar: to pull

contra las cuerdas: against the ropes

bromear: to joke/kid

desfilar: to parade/march

cabalgata: parade

degustar: to taste

manejar: to use

ejercer: to practice

lograr: to achieve

acudir: to go to a place

odiar: to hate

quitar: to remove

cosechar: to harvest

la ganas de: the will to

anguilas: ell

tratar: to process/to treat

trasladar: to move/transfer

reclamar: to protest/complain

cadena: chain/franchise

gestionar: to manage/conduct

aligerar: to lighten

ralentizar: to slow

cobrar: to receive/collect

denunciar: to accuse/expose

negar: to deny

enriquecer: to enrich

lo cual: which

proveer: to provide

proveedores: providers

mandar: to order/lead/control

contenidos: contents

aportar: to contribute/provide

finaciar: to finance

la venta: the sale

publicidad: advertising

los ingresos: deposits/income

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